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Thatta, April 1,2011

Inaugurating of landing platform and shrimp pond held at Keti Bunder


Thatta, April 1,2011: Member of National Assembly Dr. Abdul Wahid Soomro has said that social and environmental conditions of Indus delta need much attention of various stakeholders. He was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of various initiatives of Indus for All Programme WWF including fish landing platform at Keti Bunder, community based crab pond at village Meero Dablo and shrimp pond at creek village Gilli Sholani, near Keti Bunder. He said that poverty is risen manifold in the area due to environmental changes. He said that non availability of fresh water is major issue and perennial release of water for Indus delta is essential. He said that government should allocate more financial resources to improve the infrastructure in the area. He lauded the efforts of WWF for improving natural resources management and livelihood through active community participation. He hoped that crab and shrimp pond would bring better results and line department would come forward to replicate such models.

Programme Coodrdinator WWF Nasir Ali Pahwar said that various projects have been initiated to promote sustainable use of natural resources and to ameliorate the sufferings of local people. He said alternate energy has been promoted through provision of solar and biogas in the area. He said that fish landing platform was needed in the area and hoped that this would allow fishermen community in easy handling of fish and would save considerable time to avoid any losses. He said previously, in absence of fish landing platform, fishermen faced numerous problem in loading and unloading of fish. He added that now, much of the time was wasted in waiting for high tide or low tide for easy access. He said that rehabilitation of drinking water facility would also cater the drinking water needs of communities living in creeks and inland.

Site Manager WWF Keti Bunder Ghulam Rasool Khtari said  fish catch has declined in recent years and has allowed the middlemen to exploit the poverty stricken fishermen communities indebting them to a greater degree. He said that the crab and shrimp ponds would provide   alternatives to fishermen for income generation. He said crabs and shrimps are commercially recognized and provide a competitive rate. Ceremony was attended by local people, representatives of community based organizations and area notables.



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Programme Coordinator
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