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November 02, 2009

Conservation of environment requires sacrifices


The Vice Chancellor University of Sindh, Mazhar ul Haq Siddiqui has said that conservation of environment requires sacrifices and very little attention is being paid to the protection of nature and natural resources. He was talking to delegation of Forum of Environmental Journalists Lahore. The delegation was visiting three sites of Indus for All Programme of WWF including Pai, Chotiari and Keenjhar Lake. The visit was organized by WWF Pakistan. The Vice Chancellor said that water distribution and management lies with human beings and it is imperative to allocate water for nature. He said that, he does not agree with the engineers, who with their figures want to win the case. He said that beauty of nature is that it is integrated. The Vice Chancellor said that often bad image of Sindh and its institutions have been portrayed, while the actual situation is completely different. He said that Karo Kari is not the identity of Sindh. He said that University of Sindh has thousands of girls students coming from remote areas with different background. The Programme Coordinator Indus for All Programme, WWF Nasir Ali Panhwar said that media is playing vital role in creating awareness about growing environmental issues. However, he said that each area has its own specific environmental issues and it is high time that media reports these issues with responsibility and accuracy. President of Indus Journalists Forum Sohail Sangi said that environmental journalism is emerging discipline and universities should start diploma in the subject, so that trained human resources is available to media to cater the needs of environmental journalism. President of Forum of Environmental Journalists Lahore Raja Riaz said that this kind of interaction and exposure is essential for better understanding of issues of different areas. He said the visit has given them an opportunity to see things on ground and observe the realities. He said that Forum of Environmental Journalists is an independent body of journalists working towards bringing environmental issues to the forefront through media. Sadia Qureshi, Imran Sheikh, Amir Mehmood of WWF, President Hyderabad Press Club Mahesh Kumar, Iqbal Mallah, Jaffar Memon, Imdad Soomro and others also spoke on the occasion. The delegation also visited Hyderabad press club. The office bearers presented Ajrak to the members of delegation.



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