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March 5, 2011

Friends of Indus Forum calls for rehabilitation of environment in flood his areas


Dadu March 5, 2011: The Friends of Indus Forum has called for efforts to rehabilitate the naturally protective environment and adapt to the impacts of the changing climate with reforestation and appropriate water management programmes. The Forum visited Dadu and met with various stakeholders including District Government and civil society to assess post flood situation. The meeting was attended by Naseer Memon, Nasir Ali Panhwar, Badar Abro, Arbab Nek Mohammad, Ali Akbar Rehmoo, Dr. Ali Murtaza Dharejo, Hakim Ali Shah Bukhari, Aziz Ranjhani, Prof. Ismail Kumbhar, Shoukat Soomro, Shahid Panhwar, Naveed Soomro, Gul Sher Panhwar, Majeed Thaheem, Ali Mohammad Shaikh and others.

The members of the Forum said that 2010 floods have been devastating and the emergency is not yet over. In Sindh still today many areas remain under water or cut off. There is a widespread lack of adequate shelter, malnutrition rates are high, and displaced people do not have the means to return home.

The floods have exacerbated a massive existing problem that requires a structural intervention in the national reconstruction response. Even before the floods, almost half the population were food insecure.

They said that donors should manage their aid budgets effectively and respond impartially to flood affected people. Aid dollars and rupees must be directed to post flood reconstruction and reach the poorest and most vulnerable people and those most affected by the floods. This could be supported by supporting the ability and mandate of civil servants and appointees to resist and overcome corruption that may occur along the course. The Forum warned that due to global climate changes, the intensity of annual monsoon flooding can be expected to increase. Various harmful or negligent practices, including deforestation, the expansion of agricultural lands in river flood plains, poor maintenance of retention embankments, limited investment in irrigation systems, and ineffective early warning systems could exacerbated the flood disaster and hence must be addressed.

The Forum demanded that government should integrate disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into all development programmes.

The participants pointed out that massive deforestation in riverine area and Kaacho is taking place and this must be controlled. They said that several NGOs are working in the district for relief and rehabilitation but there is no coordination and neither any guideline is provided by the government in terms of prioritize. The DCO Dadu Dr. Niaz Abbasi assured the Forum that district government would extend full support to the cause of forum and strict measures would be undertaken to control cutting of trees. He said that forests are essential for balance eco system and survival of wildlife and people. He called up on civil society to come forward to expose such elements who are involved in deforestation and illegal occupation of forests.   

Ghulam Haider Birhmani briefed the participants about WWF’s interventions with the support of IRD in two union councils with regard to relief and rehabilitation. He said that about 28000 population is covered in two union councils namely Mitho Babar and Gozo. Ishaque Soomro of PDI also shared various initiatives under taken for relief and rehabilitation.  




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