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January 06, 2012

Pai Much Kachehry held 

Pai: WWF-P’s Indus for All Programme organized a campfire ( Much Kachaher) in village Marri Jalbani near Pai Forest to revive the decades old cultural tradition of Sindh. Speakers emphasized the significance of culture in promoting the message of humanism, love, fraternity, equality, spiritualism and sustainable use of natural resources. They said that cultural gatherings give birth to folk wisdom which is vital for harmonizing human life with different aspects of nature. They demanded that deforestation and illegal occupation of forest lands in Sindh should be checked to save precious natural resources. Unique species of birds and other animals are disappearing in the region which needs immediate attention of all concerned stakeholders including government departments and civil society members, they added. Speakers reiterated the role of media in addressing the issues regarding environmental degradation and irrational attitude of human beings towards exploitation of natural resources.

“All living things including trees and birds need to be loved and cared for, said writer Siddique Mangio. He said that people have been deprived of their rich cultural heritage in the name of development and technological advancement.

Nasir Ali Panhwar, Programme Coordinator WWF-P, said the campfire culture adds to beauty of rustic life and gives boost to the folk literature. Great number of myths, folk stories, cultural poetry and proverbs are transferred through the oral tradition, he added. He further said that culture and environment are closely linked with each other, changes in one domain affects the other. He was of the view that many mythical stories, fairy tales, riddles and other literary elements are associated with forests, wetlands and biodiversity. He said that forests are lungs of earth but due to multiple factors forest coverage is shirking. He demanded that illegal encroachments on forest lands should be halted and policy makers should take into consideration environmental issues while formulating development plans and residential schemes.

Conveying his message to the audience, poet Waseem Soomro said that social evils of terrorism, extremism, illiteracy, child abuse and violation of women rights can only be mitigated by promoting cultural gatherings. He commented that Indus eco-region is rich in bio-diversity and natural resources which can only be saved by contribution of local communities and awareness should be created in youth to struggle for conservation of nature. Cultural gatherings provide a platform to share the ideas and information regarding day to day life and nature, said Ayaz Buriro.

Folksinger Jay Ram Jogi, and poets enthralled the audience by reciting spiritual and cultural songs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. Participants were engrossed in ecstasy while listening to music of flute. They danced and enjoyed the classical poetry by the native singers.

Hafeezullah, Nawaz Jamali, Rajib Jalbani, Gul Jalbani, Azizullah Mastoi, Ghulam Hussain Chouhan, Sher Muhammad, Haji Ali Bux, Muhammed Attaullah and others also spoke in the event.


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Nasir Ali Panhwar
Programme Coordinator
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