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December 7, 2010

Keenjhar Festival, Nature Study Camping Held in Thatta

A two day nature study camping was organised by the Indus for All Programme of the World Wide Fund for Nature – Pakistan on December 7 at Chul area near Keenjhar in Thatta to sensitise local communities about environmental and conservation issues highlight among them significance of sustainable use of natural resources.
The event was attended by local people, schoolchildren and members of community-based organizations, NGOs, officials of different government departments and media.
EDO Thatta of the Community Development Department, Mr Abdul Razzaque Ghanghro, honoured the event as chief guest.
The event featured different colourful activities, which included sighting coral reef at Chull site, basic camping craft, mountaineering expedition, trekking trails, orienteering and wilderness study visits, first aid and team building exercises, tourist spots cleaning, thrill sports and wakeup walks.
The participants were also provided opportunities for interactions with tourist and hut keepers for environmental awareness.
A range of healthy compilations among students in individual and groups forms through different activities, such as tent cleaning and food serving to different sub groups of students, skits and role plays on environmental issues and cultural evenings were also organised to instill sense self-reliance in students and build up their confidence as well as foster sense of common fellowship among them.
On the last day, a ‘Keenjhar Mela’ was organised by the Indus For All Programme at Hilaya Picnic point at the Keenjhar lake in collaboration with the Programme’s partner CBOs.
The main objective of the festival was to disseminate the message on conservation of natural resources. The festival also featured boat racing, Matka race and seminar, which was attended by people from different walks of life.
Matka race is a traditional way of fishing being still practiced at the Keeenjhar Lake. Large metal pitchers are used by the fishermen for catching fish in the water of the Lake.
Keenjhar Mahool Dost Welfare and Development organisation, a local partner CBO of the Programme, organised matka race. As many as 20 fishermen participated in the competition.




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Muhammad Zafar Khan
Manager Communications and Environmental Education
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