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November 11, 2010

Indus Ecoregion Media Exposure Visit for Journalists held

 A two-day exposure visit for Karachi-based journalists was organised by the Indus for All Programme to sensitise about conservation and environmental issues and depleting natural resources of the Indus Ecoregion and given them exposure to the different interventions for natural resources conservation and wildlife protection launched by the Indus for All Programme.

Presently, Indus for All Programme is working in four priority sites of the Indus Ecoregion, i.e., Kheenjhar Lake, Keti Bunder, Pai Forest and the Chotiari Wetlands Complex.

Led by the Programme’s communication officer, Saleem Shaikh, the five member media delegation consisted Mr. Bhagwandas (daily Dawn), Mr. Amar Guriro (Pakistan Today), Shahid Khaskheli (KTN TV), Nawaz Khuro (PPI) and Haris (daily Times).

On November 11, 2010, the delegation reached Nawabshah where it was briefed about different programme activities and interventions by Mr. Usama Anwar, Site Manager PIU Pai.

Environmental Education Officer, Imtiaz Ali, took the delegation to the demo plot of the Indigo plant at Haji Keerio village and constructed wetland unit for biological wastewater treatment built in Majeed Keerio village of Sakrand.  

The journalists showed keen interest in these two remarkable interventions and appreciated revival of the Indigo plant after decades of its extinction. They also took deep interest in the first ever ‘constructed wetland initiative’, its operational process, benefits and future prospects and environmental impact. 

Mr. Usama apprised the journalists of the aims and objectives of the interventions and said, “These have been launched in collaboration with the local rural NGOs under the Programme’s Partnership Fund.” 

During his presentation to the delegation, Haji Keerio of the GOTH SUDHAR SANGAT shared his experience regarding the Indigo plant cultivation and about its economic benefits.

Later, at the constructed wetland demo plot, Mr. Ameen Keerio of the Sindhica Reforms Society briefing the journalists said that the initiative has been of great help in reducing the pollution caused by open discharge of wastewater in the village. “The constructed wetland is environmental-friendly and energy-efficient in use and easy to operate,” he remarked.


He also said, “The constructed wetlands for biological treatment of the wastewater are environmental service providers and becoming increasingly popular in different countries for removing nutrients, organics, trace elements, pathogens and other pollutants from domestic wastewater treatment.” 

On November 12, the journalists were given briefing about different programme activities and interventions in the Programme Implementing Unit (PIU)-Chotiari Wetland Complex. 

The media delegation visited different villages around the Chotiari Reservoir, where different activities regarding protection and conservation of forests, wildlife and natural resources management are being carried by the Programme.  

They also witnessed interventions of the Programme, i.e., livlihood development plans, solar energy systems, biogas plants, drip and pitcher irrigation different villages around the Chotiari Reservoir.  

The journalists directly interacted with the members local communities of Wali Muhammad Ibupoto, Ghulam Hussain Laghari, Bakar, Abdul Majeed Mangrio and Phulal areas and discussed local environmental and other relevant problems being faced by the area.  

In his address to the media delegation, Site Manager of the Programme, Mr. Saleh Mangrio, said that team of the Programe is raising awareness about saving biodiversity among people.  

He said by dint of wildlife conservation and protection initiatives the hunting of partridges and other rare birds in the area has been stopped to a significant level.   

He also informed the journalist that to reduce burden on the natural resources of the area, the local community members have been provided with solar, drip and pitcher irrigation systems.

For further Information:

Muhammad Zafar Khan
Manager Communications and Environmental Education
Contact: 0300-3495901
email: zafar.hilbi@gmail.com

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