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Feburary 14, 2010:Hyderabad

Gift to Mother Earth

WWF’s Indus for All Programme and Indus Development Organization planted saplings of various tree species at Railo Mian Forest near Jamshoro as sign of love and affection to earth. The ceremony was attended by representatives of civil society organizations, writers, teachers, students and local community. Speaking on the occasion the Programme Coordinator Indus of Indus for All Proramme Nasir Ali Panhwar said that people of Sindh has established new trend by declaring tree plantation day on the valentine day. He said that about twenty thousand saplings has been planted in a day in four sites of the Programme including Keti Bunder, Keenjhar, Chotiari and Pai Forest He said that environment community was in minority as a whole but such kind of mass participation in tree plantation campaign would bring positive results. He said that ideally, 25 percent of the total area of the country should be under forest but ironically forests exist only on 4.8 percent area as per official figures. He said that due to host of reasons forest coverage is declining in Sindh. Prof. Mushtaque Mirani said that the agro forestry needs to be promoted and efforts should be made to stop further deforestation in the province. He said that government should ensure that trees along the various canals are protected. Prof. Badar Soomro said that due to global warming, climate is changing and trees would play vital role in maintaining ecology. He said that young generation needs to be sensitized. Aijaz Abro said that tree cutting is considered criminal act in civilized world as trees add to the beauty of the country and help improve the environment, ecology and quality of the life. He said that valentine day is celebrated to commemorate the love and affection of the dearest. The valentine sentiments can be offered to a beloved, a mother, a father and any body whom we love. He said that our soil is our mother, thus we offer her a gift of tree to nurture and enrich her. He said that it is one of the major source of the building industry and it employees millions of people in the timber industry across the world. Zain Daudpoto said that illegal occupation on forest area should be removed and government should ensure that no further illegal occupation takes place. He said that local community needs to be empowered to protect the forests. Shoukat Soomro, Aftab Akhund, Shoukat Memon, Shahid Panhwar, Lutuf Shah, Marvi Panhwar and others also spoke on the occasion. On this occasion three hundred sapling were planted.

For further Information:

Nasir Ali Panhwar
, Programme Coordinator,
Indus for All Programme, WWF – Pakistan
Contact: 0300 3079491,

Muhammad Zafar Khan
, Manager Communications and Environmental Education
Contact: 0300-3495901
, email: zafar.hilbi@gmail.com

Badrunnisa Tunio,
Communications Officer,
Indus for All Programme, WWF – Pakistan




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