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14 December 2011:

Speakers call for utilization of renewable energy resources

  Thatta: WWF-P’s Indus for All Programme observed World Energy Day at Makli, Thatta. The event was attended by Government officials including Deputy Commissioner Thatta, Muhammad Jaffar Abbasi, NGOs representatives, academia, civil society members and media persons.

Addressing on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Thatta, Muhammad Jaffar Abbasi said that Sindh has immense potential for alternate energy resources, which needs to be exploited at the maximum level. He further said that energy crisis in country can be mitigated by utilizing these resources for benefit of people.

Nasir Ali Panhwar, Programme Coordinator Indus for All Programme said that Pakistan is facing economic crisis mainly due to energy crisis.  He said that energy for meeting the basic needs of life has become unaffordable in Pakistan.  Panhwar said that due to long hours of load shedding industry and agriculture is badly affected, while hospitals and schools also suffer. He was of the view that world landscape in energy generation is changing and Pakistan should strive toward solar and wind energy production for its sustainable development.  He said that WWF-Pakistan under its Indus for All Programme has installed 63 solar,6 wind, 4 hybrid and 96 bio gas units at Keenjhar Lake, Keti Bunder, Pai Forest and Chotiari Reservoir. He said that wind corridor along the coastal regions of the Sindh has the capacity to generate power of 50,000 MW.   

Rasool Bux Dars said that renewable energy has vital economic advantages that are absent in traditional methods. He said that once installed, solar and wind farms have low maintenance costs, long shelf life.

Rahid Hussain from Shareef International briefed the participants through exhibition of solar and wind models. Ashraf Shah, Ms. Parverish, Ghulam Rasool Khatri, Bilqees Khatti and others also spoke on the occasion.


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