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October 15, 2010

Call to revive Indigo Plant

Nawab Shah, October 15: Speakers have urged the government to help revive indigenous Indigo plant locally called Neer in Sindhi, which is national heritage. The plant was widely used as a source of the blue dye indigo. The use of plant indigo has nearly died out and has been completely replaced by synthetic material. They were speaking at the seminar on revival of Indigo plant organized by Goth Sudhar Sangat Haji Khan Keerio in collaboration with Indus for All Programme, WWF Pakistan. Speaking on the occasion, Programme Coordinator Indus for All Programme, Nasir Ali Panhwar said that Indus for All Programme has developed small grants programme titled “Partnership Fund” for NGOs, government departments and academic institutions and grant awards are focused to the themes of conservation of species, conservation and management of habitat, livelihood support for nature conservation and ecological processes. He said that the fund supported the Goth Sudhar Sangat to develop demonstration plots of Indigo plant to revive the lost specie. He said, historically in Sindh Indigo was used to colour paper for letters, medicine wrappings and religious writings, while one of its major use was Ajrak traditional product of Sindh. Panhwar said that linking conservation activities with livelihood of local communities is imperative. As communities see the economic benefit they would take the lead in conserving the Indigio plant. Regional Manager Ahan, Shakeel Abro said that Indigo is as old as Indus valley civilization. He said that this effort is first of its kind to revive Indigo plant at local level and product would be easily purchased by the various users. He said that current era is back to origin and there is high demand of organic and nature based products across the world. He added that local CBO has become resource organization as other stakeholders seek their assistance. Abro said that more research is required on dyes and in this regard government and universities may come forward. Dr. Sadoro Naz, Moharam Ali Keerio and Muneer Ahmed of Goth Sudhar Sngat, while briefing on the Indigo plant said that with the cultivation of Indigo plant not only farmers can get alternate livelihood but dying industry could get natural byproduct for developing the natural dyes. They said that plant is highly environment friendly as it does not require and chemical fertilizer and pesticides and requires less water. Site Manager Indus for All Programme Pai Usama Anwar, President Bhittai Ajrak Association Allah Dino Soomro, Rafique Jamali, Ghulam Mustafa Keerio and others also spoke on the occasion. The seminar was attended by farmers, artisans and representatives of civil society.

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