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Sanghar, Sep 17, 2011:

WWF provided food ration to flood affectees in Sanghar

Sanghar, Sep 17, 2011: In response to recent devastating floods in Sindh, WWF-Pakistan has played active role in rescue and relief activities. WWF-P has provided dry food ration, mosquito nets and repellants to 200 displaced families of 21 villages around Chotiari Reservoir, one of the sites of WWF's Indus for All Programme. Senior officials of WWF including NRM Coordinator, Mr. Umeed Khalid, Programme Coordinator, Mr. Nasir Ali Panhwar, Site Manager Chotiari, Mr. Zafar Ali Talpur and representatives of CBOs were present on the occasion. The ration included  20 kg flour , 3 kg sugar, 5 kg rice, 2 kg pulse (dal moung), 2.5 kg ghee, 800 gram tea, 400 gram red chili powder, 1 kg salt, 1 pack of match boxes, 2 soaps, one mosquito net and 2 bottles of mosquito repellants distributed  to each affected family.

Moreover, communities were rescued in addition to provision of cooked food and drinking water to 400 families continuously for four days. With a close collaboration of PILER provided health and nutrition services to 700 flood affected patients in the area. The PILER was facilitated to set up a mobile health unit and supply sizeable quantity of medicines to rain affected patients.

The widespread rains have caused great havoc and brought life to complete standstill in Sanghar. The breaches and overflows of Left Bank outfall Drainage (LBOD) have multiplied the untold miseries of rain affected people. A mass displacement has been witnessed whereas a large number of people are still marooned at some spots in the area. The flood affectees have taken refuge in temporary camps, schools, tents by road sides and all other safe place for human shelter.  More than 80% villages and all major cities of Sanghar district are under water. Thousands of mud, semi mud and baked bricks houses have collapsed.  More than 30 human casualties have been reported so far while 2000 people have injured in various incidents. The rains have also caused a number of diseases and massive damage to agriculture, livestock and infrastructure of the district.

The present pitiable situation needs urgent response for rescue and relief work. It is a high time for government organizations, civil society members and other national and international organizations to come forward and help these needy and helpless people. .



For further Information:

Nasir Ali Panhwar
Programme Coordinator
Programme Management Unit - Karachi
+92-213- 4544791-2


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