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22 May 2009
The speakers have emphasized the need to protect biodiversity and ensure water to sustain the biodiversity in Sindh.

The speakers have emphasized the need to protect biodiversity and ensure water to sustain the biodiversity in Sindh. They were speaking at the ceremony, which was organized to mark international biodiversity day. The ceremony was organized by Indus for All Programme- WWF Pakistan and attended by more than thousand students of various schools around Pai Forest in Shaheed Benazirabad District.

Speaking on the occasion, Programme Coordinator Indus for All Programme Nasir Ali Panhwar said that biodiversity plays crucial role for agriculture and food production and humans depend on the variety of food, shelter and goods for their livelihood. However, humans put increasing pressure on species and their environment. As a result, he
added that numerous plants and animals are at danger. Speaking on the theme of the day, he said that invasive alien species are responsible for 40% of total extinction of indigenous species. He said that the main reason of the phenomena is international trade and tourism. The problem of extinction and decline in population of indigenous species is directly causing the degradation of productive ecosystems and this in turn is intensifying poverty. He said that species like mesquite is occupying much space suppressing indigenous vegetation, and eucalyptus that causes eye diseases in wild fauna, despite being non-suitable habitat and grabs much water and light. Mr. Zain Shah said that main cause of environmental degradation is the bad governance in the country. He appreciated the awareness among the masses particularly students about the biodiversity and urged on the students to plant maximum trees in schools and villages. He said that future generations have to play vital role in the conservation of biodiversity and natural resources.

EDO Agriculture Dr. Karim Bux Laghari said that deforestation rate is high in the district and situation is quite alarming. He said that until and unless every citizen of the district do not initiate plantation the damage could not controlled. Journalist Ishqaue Mangrio, Site Manager Usama Anwar, Akhtar Samoo and others also spoke
on the occasion. The students took part in speech competition, nature painting and tableaus. All performances delivered the message of biodiversity conservation. Prizes were awarded among student groups of
participating schools. Seeing the enthusiasm of students, at the end, participating schools announced that they intend to organize such event on their own in future.


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