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January 23, 2010

Indus River Day marked at Thatta

The Friends of Indus Forum organized rally and seminar to mark the Indus River day at Thatta. The event was attended by writers, intellectuals, fishermen community and civil society organizations. The rally commenced from the Press Club Thatta and culminated at the Indus River. Speaking on the occasion, author of journey of Indus Badar Abro said that Sindh is because of Indus River. He said that Indus water treaty was first major blow to the Indus. Abro said that Indus has changed its courses numerous times due to which history of Sindh also changed. He said that water crisis is becoming serious and situation is getting worst. He said that this situation may change political situation.

The General Secretary of Forum Nasir Ali Panhwar said that shortage of Indus has affected the ecology, economy and social fabric of society. He said that reverine forests, which used to be identity of Sindh have been vanished, while sea intrusion has changed the fresh water ecology into saline in Indus delta. He said that Sindh has already less fresh water aquifers as compared to other provinces and due to acute shortage of water in Indus, aquifers have further degraded. He said that wetlands of Sindh have been turned into brackish water bodies and remarkable decline of migratory birds has been noticed. He said that overall water quality has been affected and as a result of loss of biodiversity has been reported.  Eminent writer from USA Aijaz Sindhi said that Indus River day needs to be converted into movement to save the Indus River. He said that leadership has to take decision about the future of Indus, where instead of water only sand has been left

. Wrier Rasool Bux Dars said that due to poverty in delta people are compelled to sell snakes. He said that world over movement against large dams is going and even existing dams are being decommissioned. Adam Gandro said that fishermen are mourning on the death of delta and Indus and joys can only be brought back with the revival of Indus and delta. Bakhat Jamal said that Indus gave the birth to Indus civilization and the entire civilization is in danger. Zahid Jalbani said that pain of lost river has been felt by every one. He said that collective efforts are needed to bring back the lost glory of Indus. Salam Dharejo, Zahid Dharejo, Hameed Palari, Abdul Razaque and others also spoke on the occasion. On this occasion Shahnwaz Musafir, Soraj Sijwalai and others presented the tribute to Indus through poetry and folk singer through their performance.


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