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23 Decembe 2011 - Thatta

Call to preserve cultural heritage through wise use of natural resources  

Thatta, 23 December: Speakers highlighted that conservation of natural resources is vital for not only eco system but its conservation is also vital for preserving rich cultural heritage. They were speaking at camp fire, a traditional gathering organized by Indus for All Programme WWF at the bank of Keenjhar Lake. They said that nature including wetlands have remained source of inspiration for poets and writers. The wetlands and other natural resources are part of rich literature of Sindh and added that great poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai has also covered natural beauty of Keenjhar Lake in Shah jo Risalo. The speakers said that due to degradation of natural resources including wetlands and forests, rich biodiversity has been lost. The livelihood of communities depending on the natural resources has also been affected. ‘The advancement of technology has changed the medium of interaction and exchange of ideas’ said Prof. Qalander Shah, eminent educationist. He said that camp fire culture was an integral part of people of Sindh but this tradition is now vanishing due to multiple factors. Prof. Shah said that the culture of camp fire should be revived and folklore story tellers need to be patronized by the government and camp fire culture may be promoted. He said that media can play vital role in reviving camp fire culture in Sindh.

Nasir Ali Panhwar Programme Coordinator WWF said that cultural heritage could be saved through conservation of nature. He said that wetlands and forests are under severe threat in Sindh and urgent steps are required to improve the deteriorating conditions. He said that wetland conservation receives little monetary support from the government because it is viewed as a low priority area.

Highlighting the cultural aspect of wetlands, he said that wetlands are spiritual and inspirational source of inspiration as many religions attach spiritual and religious values to wetlands. Panhwar said that Sindh has its fair share of spiritual and religious wetland attributes with shrines, archaeological and historical features. He said that mythological stories are also attached to various wetlands. He deplored that this aspect is poorly documented function of wetlands and need to be documented extensively.

Kamal Palari, Irshad Gandro, Ghulam Rasool Khatri, Shuban Wistro and others also spoke. Folklore storyteller Imdad Baber, Qabeer Lolai and poets Zulfiqar Gadhi, Ayaz Buriro, Amar Panhwar Hafiz Jameel Rehman presented poetry. Sufi music was presented by Ashique Qalnadri and Ramesh Jogi.


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