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December 24, 2009

Launch and Dissemination of the 'Citizens' Guide to Environmental Rights, Duties and Obligations

A one-day workshop, organized by Indus for All Programme for the Launch and Dissemination of the 'Citizen Guide to Environmental Rights, Duties and Obligations' was held on 24 December 2009 in the Indus Hotel, Hyderabad. The workshop aimed to create awareness of the citizen's environmental rights, duties and obligations and to enable the civil society organizations of Indus ecoregion use the guide as an advocacy tool to resolve environmental disputes. A total of 50 participants including 30 representatives of local NGO and CBOs from Hyderabad, Thatta, Sanghar and Shaheed Benazirabad (formerly Nawabshah), 3 staff members of the SIndh Environmental Protection Agency, 8 journalists from electronic and print media, and 9 staff members of the Programme, attended the workshop. The workshop's sessions were facilitated by Advocate Qazi Ali Athar (Environmental Law Attorney) who gave a detailed account of the guide and informed the participants on the ways of using the guide as an advocacy tool. Prof. Retd. Qalandar Shah Lakiari, also spoke on the occasion who has translated the guide from English to Sindhi. Mr. Muhammad Hashim Laghari, former Secretary Environment attended the workshop as Chief Guest and shared his views about the environmental legislation in the country. At the end of the workshop copies of the guide (both English and Sindhi) were distributed among the participants.

Launching Ceremony of the Citizen's Guide to Environemtnal Rights, Duties and Obligations, held in Hyderabad

For further information:

Muhammad Zafar Khan, Manager Communications and Environmental Education
Contact: 0300-3495901, email: zafar.hilbi@gmail.com

Badarunissa, Communication Officer.
Contact: 0312-3642817, arshi_mtunio@yahoo.com




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