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October 26, 2010

21 teachers imparted environmental education training in Sanghar


As many as 21 teachers of different government and private schools of Sanghar district were imparted training in environmental education and grassroots comics.
Held at the Chotiari Conservation Information Centre on October 26, the three day interactive and intensive training session was organised by the Indus for All Programme of WWF – Pakistan.
The key objectives of the training progrramme were to sensitise teachers towards information and build up their environmental education and awareness-raising skills through innovative methodology and enhance conceptual understanding about various aspects of environment such as biodiversity, climate change, pollutions, population growth and misuse of natural resources and their impact on the environment and earth.

Teachers were also trained on imparting environmental education through pictorial storytelling techniques, said Saleh Mangrio, Site Manager of the Indus for All Programme at the Chotiari Reservior in Sangar.
Attended by 21 teachers of different schools of Sanghar, the training session was facilitated by Ms Nida Shams of the World Comics Network – Pakistan.
The WWF – P’ Indus for All Programme has been arranging such trainings for teachers of different government and private schools for the last many years to sensitise educationist about the environment and the risked being faced by it.
These trainings are also part of the organisation’s efforts to get the environment integrated into the school curriculum as a subject.
On the concluded day of the training session, the participating teachers were facilitated to develop a draft action plan-2011 of their respective school for organising of the Nature Clubs.

Certificates were also distributed among the participants.

For further Information:

Muhammad Zafar Khan
Manager Communications and Environmental Education
Contact: 0300-3495901
email: zafar.hilbi@gmail.com

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