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December 30, 2009

Call to protect wetlands of Sindh

Thatta December 30, 2009: The Friends of Indus Forum has called up on to the government to improve the situation of wetlands in Sindh particularly Keenjhar and Manchar Lake. This was stated by the Forum at a meeting held at Keenjhar Lake. The meting was presided over by President of Forum Naseer Memon, while General Secretary Nasir Ali Panhwar briefed the forum about major achievements. The meeting was attended by Prof. Aijaz Qureshi, Prof. Qalandar Shah, Zulfiqar Halepoto, Dr. Yameen Memon, Dr. Ali Murtaza Dharejo, Dr. Fateh Mari, Dr. Altaf Abro, Ali Mohammad Shaikh, Aziz Ranjhani, Nazir Esani, Nawaz Kumbhar, Ashfaqe Soomro, Abdul Jabbar Bhatti, Khalil Yousfani, Ishaqe Mangrio, Majeed Thaheem, Shoukat Soomro, Amar Guriro and Saleem Shaikh. The Forum decided to launch its position paper on water requirements downstream Kotri, which has been published recently and sensitize policy makers, parliamentarians on the issue.

The Forum deplored that situation of wetlands in Sindh has been deteriorated alarmingly and as result number of migratory and local birds has been declined sharply. The Forum observed that communities dependent on the resources of the wetlands has been pushed to poverty and have been compelled to migrate in search of livelihood. They deplored that untreated effluents of Kotri and Nooriabad industrial area has been released into Keenjhar Lake, which has affected the ecology of the Lake. The Lake is major source of water for Karachi and added that urgent efforts should be undertaken to stop industrial waste into Lake. They said that Lake is Ramsar site and is located on Indus Flyway route of migratory birds but due to degradation the Lake is not offering favorable habitat for birds. The Forum also expressed its concern over the pollution caused by the tourists and suggested that mechanism should be devised to save the Lake from the pollution by the visitors who even wash their vehicles inside the Lake and through garbage in the important water body. The Forum urged that concept of eco tourism be promoted.

On this occasion, Zahid Jalbani, site manager Keenjar Lake Indus for All Programme-WWF informed that Prgramme is working in 39 villages through nine community based organizations. He highlighted that the programme has started the implementation of livelihood development plans by providing backyard poultry units to the women, establishing fish eco point etc. He informed that alternate energy schemes like biogas, solar units have been provided in various villages.

Earlier the Forum members visited the interventions of Indus for All Programme-WWF at villages Aaz Mohammad Jakhro and Karo Dhandhail located around Keenjhar Lake. They were briefed by Rauf Palari, President of Jhole Maari Welfare and Development Organization about the biogas and solar unit. They also visited the under construction Keenjhar Conservation & Information Center at Keenjhar Lake and Floating hut established by UNDP-GEF.

Call to protect wetlands of Sindh

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