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Karachi, March 31, 2011 :

12th Meeting of sub-Committee of Indus Eco-region Steering Committee held


Karachi: March 31, 2011: The 12th meeting of Sub-Committee of Indus Eco-region Steering Committee [SCIESC] was held under the Chairmanship of Mr. Mushtaque Ali Memon, Secretary Forests and Wildlife Department, Government of Sindh.  A Sub-Committee of Indus Ecoregion Steering Committee was constituted on July 13, 2007 to guide and review the implementation process of the Indus for All Programme on more frequent basis and recommend any actions to be taken to Indus Ecoregion Steering Committee headed by the Additional Chief Secretary, Planning & Development Department.

Ms. Khadija Zaheer, Manager Policy, Indus for All Programme, briefed the participants about the progress of the decisions taken at the 11th meeting of Sub-Committee of IESC held on 10th August 2010.

Mr. Nasir Ali Panhwar, Programme Coordinator, Indus for All Programme, while briefing on the progress said that implementation of natural resource management plan and livelihood development plan is going on in four sites including Keti Bunder, Keenjhar Lake, Chotiari Wetlands Complex and Pai forest. He said that Hog Deer sanctuary and observatory hut at Pai Forest have been established, where one pair would be kept for breeding and habitat study. He informed that in Keti Bunder community based shrimp and crab culture ponds have been established. In Keenjhar and Chotrairi, information and conservation centres have been established to raise awareness among the visitors about the two significant eco systems. He highlighted different programme activities including the institutional support to CBOs, awareness raising activities, partnership fund and flood relief activities in Thatta and Dadu.

Mr. Altaf Sheikh, Policy Analyst, Indus for All Programme, briefed about the issues of special concern including deforestation & waterlogging at Chotiari Wetlands Complex.  The meeting was attended by Mr. Fazal Nizamani, Senior Chief Water & Drainage Planning & Development Department, Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Maher, Director General Fisheries, Mr. Saeed Baloch, Conservator Sindh Wildlife Department, Mr. Shafiq-ul-Rehman, EDO Works & Services Thatta, Mr. Nawab Qureshi, EDO Agriculture Sanghar, Mr. Waqar Ahmed Phulpoto Director EPA, Ms. Mehar Marker from TCCR and representative of Shirkat Gah.



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Nasir Ali Panhwar
Programme Coordinator
Programme Management Unit - Karachi
+92-213- 4544791-2


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