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31 August 2008
Alternate Energy Technology—new interventions:

As part of WWF-Pakistan’s efforts to promote alternate energy resources, 16 solar units have been installed at three Programme areas of Indus for All Programme. The units have been installed at selected schools and mosques with no access to electricity in Keti Bunder, Keenjhar Lake and Chotiari Reservoir areas. Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technology (PCRET), WWF-Pakistan’s Sindh Programme and the Indus for All Programme collaborated for the initiatives.

The schools have been given 400 watt units which can run two energy saving bulbs, two wall fans and a computer simultaneously. Similarly, the mosques have been provided wih 200 watt units that can run two lights, two fans, and a loudspeaker. The installation of the solar units is part of an overall collaboration between the Indus for All Programme and PCRET which will also be providing biogas plants at the Programme sites having good population of livestock. The Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC) is also providing some alternate energy schemes to the programme areas. With the collaborated efforts along with the Programme’s own interventions, it is hoped that the communities will be in a position to reduce the burden of cooking and lighting requirements that is presently coming from the natural resources. This would provide a significant boost to the Programme’s interventions aiming to conserve these natural resources.

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