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2nd Meeting

9th April 2008

At Sanghar

At Sanghar


3rd Meeting

29th July 2008

At Hyderabad

At Hyderabad

Walk to Indus

4th Meeting

23rd December 2008

At Keti Bunder

Much Kachahari At Keti Bunder


5th Meeting

4th November 2008

Meeting with Mr. William


6th Meeting

4th April 2009



Group Photo Pai Forest

Meeting at HCCI Hyd

Member Briefed on Pai Forest

Visit of Pai Forest

Member Discussing at Pai Forest

7th Meeting

4th August 2009

At Karachi



8th Meeting

30th December 2009

At Keenjhar

At Keenjhar


Indus River Day 1

23 Jan 2010

At Thatta

At Thatta


Indus River Day 2

24 Jan 2010

At Thatta

At Thatta



Friends of Indus Forum calls for rehabilitation of environment in flood his areas

Dadu March 5, 2011

Dadu March 5, 2011

Dadu March 5, 2011:



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