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Global 200 Ecoregions

The Global 200 is a ranking of the earth's most biologically outstanding terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. It is the first comparative analysis of the earth's ecosystems that covers all habitat types on the planet, on the landmasses and in the oceans, providing a blueprint for biodiversity conservation on a global scale. In 1997, the World Wide Fund for Nature with support from other scientific institutions such as the United Nations Environment Programme, Birdlife International and the National Geographic Society carried out the Global 200 analysis that resulted in identification of 238 ecoregions. Defined as a large unit of land or water harbouring a geographically distinct assemblage of species, natural communities and environmental conditions, the natural resources and socioeconomic conditions of an ecoregion provide the basis for development of ecoregion conservation programmes, action plans and a long-term biodiversity vision.

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