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About the Programme

Indus for All Programme is the first 5-year (April 2007-March 2012) implementation phase of a 50 years vision of the Indus Ecoregion Conservation Programme which, stems out of the ecoregion conservation initiative undertaken internationally by WWF as part of the Global 200 Ecoregions. Funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Pakistan the Programme is implemented by WWF Pakistan in close collaboration with Government of Sindh, selected Civil Society Organisations and local communities

The Programme aims to conserve the rich biological diversity of the Indus ecoregion through livelihoods improvement of the local communities. For this purpose the programme intends to achieve the following specific objectives:

In the first phase of the Programme implementation four critical ecosystems in three districts have been selected for interventions. Those include Keti Bunder (coastal ecosystem), Pai forest (inland forest ecosystem), Kinjhar Lake (freshwater wetlands ecosystem) and Chotiari reservoir (desert-wetlands ecosystem). The first implementation phase (April 2007-March 2012) follows the completion of a 9-month inception phase (July 2006-March 2007).

At apex level the Programme is supported by the Indus Ecoregion Steering Committee, established under the Chairmanship of the Additional Chief Secretary (Development) P&D Department, Government of Sindh. This committee is mandated to provide institutional and strategic support in the implementation of the Indus ecoregion conservation plan.

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