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News and Events

05 December 2008:
Indus Ecoregion Steering Committee Meeting
Karachi: The 5th meeting of the Indus Ecoregion Steering Committee was held on 05.12.2008 under the chairmanship of the Additional Chief Secretary (Dev)/Secretary Planning,

15 November 2008
Indus for All Programme’s Partnership Fund:

Karachi: In order to provide understanding to stakeholders on policy, procedure and applying mechanism, Partnership Fund secretariat conducted three orientation workshops during the month of November 2008.

12 November 2008
Sindh Minister for Environment Briefed on Indus Ecoregion

A delegation of WWF-Pakistan led by the Director Indus for All Programme, Dr. Ghulam Akbar, called on the Sindh Provincial Minister for Environment Mr. Askari Taqwi on 12 November 2008. The purpose of the visit was to brief the Minister about WWF-Pakistan’s initiatives in the region with particular focus on the Indus Ecoregion Programme.

22 October 2008
’s ambassador to the UN joins Friends of Indus Forum
WWF-Pakistan’s Indus for All Programme organized a consultative workshop on environmental journalism. more

9 October 2008
Partnership Fund and Decision Support System Launched.

As part of its commitment to achieve the global objectives in the local context, WWF-Pakistan continues to strive for the provision of institutional support to partners and stakeholders as well as providing the general public with latest information and data on natural resources. In this connection, the Partnership Fund along with Decision Support System (DSS) were launched in a ceremony in Karachi. more

22 September 2008
The Royal Netherlands Embassy representative visits Programme sites

The First Secretary of the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Mr. Fred Smiet, visited Keti Bunder and its creek villages. The purpose of his visit was to assess the different interventions and initiatives of the Programme that aim to bring about improved natural resource management through introducing alternate sources of livelihoods and improving the living standards of local communities. more

31 August 2008
Alternate Energy Technology—new interventions:

WWF-Pakistan’s Indus for All Programme organized a consultative workshop on environmental journalism. more

31 August 2008
Exposure visit to Sonmiani

The Programme Implementation Unit, Pai Forest organized an exposure visit to Karachi and Sonmiani for the community members of the surrounding areas. more

30 August 2008
Indus for All Programme holds a workshop on Environmental Journalism

WWF-Pakistan’s Indus for All Programme organized a consultative workshop on environmental journalism. more


02 August 2008
Training on Natural Resource Management using GIS and Remote Sensing

Indus for All Programme organized a series of weeklong trainings on forest and natural resource management techniques through remote sensing technology from 14 July to 1 August, 2008 in Sanghar, Nawabshah and Thatta districts. more


04 July 2008
Provision of water to Pai Forest to be ensured: Secretary Irrigation

The Secretary Irrigation and Power Department, Government of Sindh, Shuja Ahmed Junejo has assured his full cooperation to WWF-Pakistan for their efforts with regard to conservation of natural resources.more


17 June 2008
Journalists Exposure Visit to Keti Bunder:
On 17 June 2008 the Indus for All Programme organized an exposure visit for a group of the journalists, to Keti Bunder – one of the four Programme sites.more

5 June 2008
World Environment Day Celebrations

The Programme Implementation Unit at Keenjhar Lake organized an inter-school poster competition in district Thatta to commemorate the World Environment Day on 5 June 2008. The theme of the poster competition was “How do I see the Keenjhar Lake”. More than 200 students from 30 schools of the District Thatta took part in the competition. more

22 February 2008
World Wetlands Day Celebrations
WWF – Pakistan’s Indus for All Programme and the Pakistan Wetlands Programme jointly organized a variety of activities in Karachi to commemorate World Wetlands Day 2008 more


29 August 2007
Indus for All Programme Launched
To mark the start of a long-term ecoregion programme for conservation of the Indus Ecoregion, the formal launch ceremony of the Indus for All Programme was held on Wednesday, 29 August 2007, more


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