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Indus for All Programme-Partnership Fund’s Governance

The Partnership Fund is governed by the Partnership Fund Technical Committee, which was notified by the Indus Ecoregion Steering Committee. As a technical body, members of the Partnership Fund Technical Committee include senior government officials such as the Conservator Wildlife (Sindh Forests and Wildlife Department), Chief Conservator Forests (Sindh Forests and Wildlife Department), academics and experts in the natural and physical sciences, and representatives from non-governmental organizations.

The Partnership Fund Technical Committee is responsible for granting final approval to prospective grant recipients; reviewing the progress of award recipients; it provides technical and expert feedback on project design and activities; and actively participates in monitoring award recipients.   

To support the Partnership Fund Technical Committee, the Partnership Fund created an internal Project Review Committee. Members of this committee include staff from WWF-P, the Indus for All Programme and the Partnership Fund Secretariat. The Project Review Committee conducts a technical desk review of all complete project proposals. Proposals that meet the technical criteria are forwarded to the Partnership Fund Technical Committee for final review and approval.


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