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Indus for All Programme - Partnership Fund
Partnership Fund Technical Committee: Terms of Reference


To look after all affairs related to ‘Partnership Fund’, the Indus Eco Region Steering Committee, during it’s 2nd Meeting, held on  approved a body named as ‘Partnership Fund Technical Committee’, herein after called PFTC. The structure and ToRs of the committee members are described below. 


  • Chairperson: Secretary- Forests and Wildlife Department, GoS will be Chairperson of the PFTC for 1st tenure of one year.


  • Secretary: The Director, Indus For All Programme, WWF - Pakistan, Karachi will be member - Secretary of the PFTC.
  • Members: Including Chairperson and the member secretary, Partnership Fund Technical Committee will consist of 15 members comprising of Sindh Government officials, Civil Society Representative and Academicians


Terms of Reference (ToR)

    • Approve projects after scientific and technical review for provision of grant under Indus for All Programme – Partnership Fund’.
    • Review the policy, procedure and criteria developed for the selection of projects under the ‘Indus for All Programme – Partnership Fund’.
    • Recommend ways to strengthen project proposals that fulfil the criteria but weak in technical / thematic base for funding.
    • Assuring timely monitoring, evaluation and assessments of funded projects.
    • Provide technical and programmatic support to Partnership Fund Secretariat from time to time. 
    • With the assistance of Manager-Partnership Fund, arrange periodical Peer Reviews of the Funding Programme from other grant – giving national / international organizations.
    • Receive and review progress update from Partnership Fund Secretariat regarding funding activities, issues and obstacles and provide feedback and guidance.
    • Review Annual progress report(s), financial audit report(s) and external audits of Partnership Fund as and when needed.
    • Participate in field visits of the projects, as and when needed.



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