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Partnership Fund Projects


Province Sindh
Partner: Sindh Forests and Wildlife Department Government of Sindh
Theme: Conservation of Habitat
Dates:  1/2010 – 12/2011
Grant Category: Medium
Project Status: Satisfactorily completed

This project is being implemented by the Forests & Wildlife Department, Government of Sindh with the financial support of Partnership Fund at Sindh Province with the goal of ensuring sustainable supply for goods and services from forestry sector in Sindh province for the benefit of society at large. The project is being executed with specific objectives of

(i) Developing and adopting a policy framework and revising legislation for sustainable management of various forest ecosystems of Sindh province and,

(ii) Developing and adopting an agenda and action plan for restoring ecological and economic productivity of various forest ecosystems of Sindh province.

Key achievements:
A policy framework for the sustainable forestry sector management and revision of forestry legislation of Sindh province with a vision entailing various actions for restoration of ecological integrity of forest ecosystems of Sindh province is under progress.  



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