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Partnership Fund Projects


Province Sindh
Partner: Sindh Wildlife Department Government of Sindh
Theme: Conservation of Habitat
Dates: 5/2009 – 12/2011
Grant Category: Medium
Project Status: On-going

This project is being implemented by Sindh Wildlife Department, Government of Sindh with the financial support of Partnership Fund at one of the Ramsar Sites - Haleji Lake District Thatta with the objective of (i) Restoring and managing wetland habitat for birds, (ii) promoting education and awareness programmes contributing to protection of wetlands and (iii) involving community in protection and management of wetlands. The project aims at enhancing conservation values of Haleji Lake by contributing to the awareness raising in general public, visitors, students and local communities and promoting eco-tourism so as to enhance support for conservation at both the community and macro level. The project also aims to pave the way for Community Based Conservation for the sustainability of the biodiversity.

Key achievements:
Eco-tourism and biodiversity conservation at Haleji Lake have been promoted by controlling the flow of solid wastes in the wetland and renovating the existing information centre, constructing main gate, public toilet and landing gear that attract the attention of visitors.   



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