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Policy Monitor

Justifying Returns on Conservation Investment:
Ecotourism at Keenjhar

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Economic Valuation Policy Brief

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Poverty-Environment Indicators for Pakistan's Poverty Reduction Strategy-II

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Recommendations for the 10th 5 Year Plan

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A Consultative Workshop on Environmental Mainstreaming in pakistan's RRSP and MTDF:
Case studies on the Poverty-Environment nexus

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Mainstreaming Indus Ecoregion Priorities into the Sindh Vision 2030

Government of Sindh is in the process of finalizing the “Sindh Vision 2030”, a long-term development framework that aims to identify sector-wise priorities and opportunities for sustainable development in Sindh. On 7 February 2008, the Indus for All Programme submitted a chapter to Government of Sindh on—“Mainstreaming Initiatives and Priorities of the Indus Ecoregion into the Sindh Vision 2030”—recommending the application of poverty-environment nexus as a guiding principle for combating poverty and environmental degradation in the province.
Through a comparative review of the Sindh Vision 2030 and WWF-Pakistan’s 50-year Indus Ecoregion Programme, synergies and gaps were identified to strengthen the Sindh Vision 2030 document and form a basis for longterm
collaboration between Government of Sindh and WWF-Pakistan.

Mainstreaming Initiatives and
Priorities of the Indus Ecoregion
into the Sindh Vision 2030

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